Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Burger Guys- opening Thurs Sept 9th

Two fat guys putting a spin on burgers.  That's their motto.  Whatever "spin" that is, it really works.  These trained chefs, Jake and Steve, have put the "wtf" back in the burger.

Jake & Steve, The Burger Guys
From their tabasco onion strings to their 7 different aioli's, this place is far from your diner burger joint.  In fact, the waitress will use an iPad to input your order, and they will also have an iphone app, so you can order in advance and it can recall the last order you placed. 

From their menu, "Our beef is from the Akaushi cattle which are direct descendants of the Mount Aso region's revered Akaushi herds that are a National Treasure and protected breed by the government of Japan"  Now you don't have to Google what I just typed, just know that the shit is good.

The Burger Guys menu will tantalize any palate from their hand formed carmalized crusted patties, to gourmet cheeses from France, to their cilantro-jalapeno aioli, to homeade Cap'n Crunch ice cream. 

The Burger Guys, 12225 Westheimer, going west just past Phoenicia Grocers.  Opens Sept 9th.  Ask for Jake and Steve just two fat guys who know how to make a really good burger.

  YoJ, The Backyard Foodie.

Bacon wrapped Kobe dog

Saigon Burger
Tobasco onion strings
Sydney Burger

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